I'm lost in a paradise I've created for myself, Always Being and Always Becoming.

My name's Sydney Blake. I'm eighteen and I'm an outrageous Rasta Jersey Girl. I'm in love with coffee, makeup, cigarettes, big hair, Buddhism, and of course my marvelous ferret babies, Little Sydney and Bruce the Shark. Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin are my queens. One day I'll find my way.

Thug Life.


Well, well, well…

I’m at a breaking point.

Not a bad one. 

My sister, Tara, just bought a one way ticket to California. She met this guy five, maybe six weeks ago, and tomorrow she’ll be off to the west coast to hopefully live out this crazy love story. Either that, or it’ll be like Rocky climbing the steps… and then he just trips all the way at the top. I really hope for the first. 

When I came home for Thanksgiving break, I couldn’t fathom living in this house ever again. I love my family, but it’s not meant to be anymore. I’m at that point where I gotta grow up, get out, and move on with life. 

And so, Spring Break will begin my job search. 

Adios, Calvin Klein. Hello, my name is Sydney, and I’ll be your server tonight. 

Wish me luck. 

Fresh start, new beginnings

All I have to offer is my enthusiasm, my honesty, and my willfulness to do anything for anyone.

Bitch I feel good, don’t I look stupendous?

Bitch I feel good, don’t I look stupendous?

I said bitch I want a chicken sangwich. And some waffle fries. Fo free.